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Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage – is the largest volleyball media outlet in the country. All of our events are staffed with scouts covering the action. This in-depth coverage focuses on clubs, teams, and players at all levels. 

Competition – Prep Dig recruits some of the top clubs in the region to play in Prep Dig Tournaments. On top of this, Prep Dig schedules events so that teams will compete with similar level competition.

Exposure – Prep Dig events have hosted hundreds of colleges over the past four years, and 150+ college programs have a paid subscription to and check out our rankings and analysis on a daily basis.

Flexible Scheduling – You are NOT required to play in a certain number of Prep Dig events. Simply choose whichever best fits your schedule! All Prep Dig tournaments have a 5-match guarantee.

Yes, if you are interested and have a team that can play in the age divisions of 13s,14s,15s,16s,17s, or 18s, please fill out our interest form HERE.  

No. You can select any event(s) that fit into your schedule. Multi-event and multi-team discounts are available.

Spectator tickets can be pre-purchased below. Both pre-purchased tickets and tickets purchased on-site must be made via credit or debit card. Cash transactions will NOT be allowed.

Purchase Spectator Tickets

Weekend Pass – $18

Day Pass – $10

Kids 10 & Under – Free


    Team Drops Prior to the Invoice Deadline (21 Days Prior to the Event)

    1. Team(s) can receive a full refund for any team who is no longer attending the upcoming event.

    NOTE: All rollover payments must apply to an event that is NOT currently sold out.


    Team Drops After the Invoice Deadline (20 Days Prior to the Event)

    1. Unless otherwise specified, all payments made to Prep Network will be irrevocable, non-refundable, and non-transferable when scheduling begins for any respective event.

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